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the Holiday Giving Program

Throughout our history, the Holiday Giving Program at SOS Illinois has provided hope-filled support to the children in Illinois foster care and at-risk families we serve during the holiday season. Generous donors and corporate partners offer donations of holiday gifts to help make the time of the year joyful for all.

The Holiday Giving Program is not tied to any one tradition, but rather to the spirit of love and generosity that many experience during the holiday season. That way, every child in our care can celebrate alongside their siblings and families in the way that is most meaningful to them!

This year, in compliance with organizational safety measures surrounding COVID-19, the Holiday Giving Program will not be collecting shipped or drop-off items to our Villages and offices. Instead, we are collecting monetary donations that our Foster Parents and families can use to purchase special items and treats for the children in their care and the entire family.

Our goal of this year’s Holiday Giving Program is to ensure that our Foster Parents have the resources they need to purchase gifts in each of the following categories for the children in their care: educational enrichment (books, flash cards, etc.); winter warmth (coats, gloves, etc.); arts enrichment (painting kits, children’s instruments, etc.); outdoor recreation and wellness (sports equipment, yoga mat, etc.); and hobbies and fun (dolls, electronics, etc.). 

That's where you come in!

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